Daily Sports Games

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What is Boxiz?

Boxiz is a new daily sports game that gives you chances to win real cash prizes every time you play. It's the evolution of Super Bowl boxes. Now you can pick boxes every day for every sport and even esports. It's the easiest way to play and get action on any game. Play for free and win for real!

How to play

Pick your sport

Select your sport from a list of your favorite leagues, including major sports, esports and even more to come.

Pick your game

Choose from different daily games, contests and prize pools, including your favorite teams and featured games.

Pick your box

Select up to five boxes in each contest, match your game numbers with the box score and win big daily prizes.

What You Can Win

Play for free and win cash and other daily prizes. Cash payouts, free coins and huge daily giveaways are all part of the action. We have contests for everyone. As you play, the more points you earn which increases your gamer level and unlocks more free prizes. From a rookie to the GOAT, everyone has a chance to win big.


We appreciate all the interest and enthusiasm. Currently we are not taking on any additional investors. We will be sure to notify you when the next opportunity is available. Feel free to contact us via email or on social media with any questions.