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Pick from a list of free daily box coin games, like CoinQuest, Prizeland and more. Each game contains different box coin prizes and special bonuses for you to win. Keep an eye out for featured games and hidden prizes from select collections and sponsors.
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You can select up to five boxes in every game. Boards fill up fast, so grab your lucky numbers before someone else does. Each box will be assigned game numbers that will be revealed for each player once the game begins.
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Now you're in the game! Match your game numbers with the last digit of the box score for each period and you win! Each winning box contains different prizes and Box Coin! You can use your Box Coin to claim prizes in the marketplace.
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and prizes
Once you match your numbers you will receive a mystery box. Open your box to reveal the special prize inside. Each box contains different game rewards, incentives and special prizes like rare NFTs, cash and so much more.
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Be the first to accumulate enough Box Coin to claim your prize! Prizes are provided by Boxiz and select sponsors. Availability may vary. See rules and regulations.
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Our Players Say It Best
Listen to what some of our players are saying across the Boxiz community. You can be the next one to cash in and win big!
So much fun. I’m not even a sports fan but I love playing super bowl boxes so this is perfect!
Love this app! Boxiz is the digital version of super bowl boxes for every sport. Love it! I play it almost every day. I want a Boxiz hoodie.
Downloaded this app a couple of weeks ago and love the action! Keep winning and gaining coins. Gives me another reason to follow ball games!
G Bust
Thanks for sweet game!! Very much appreciate the awesome app and the neat 5 numbers one can select!
Love this game. This game is so much fun to play. I don’t know anything about sports, but my friends have helped me so much with it. I love playing every day.
A really easy and fun way to play boxes not just on the Super Bowl but every day of the year. I believe the developers are looking to take this in many directions and not just limited to football.
Awesome Game/App. This app is easy to use and fun to enjoy with friends and family. Makes watching sports fun again.
This app is great! You win and they pay! I think it's mostly luck but I don't care cuz it's money I didn't have before. Download this you will not be disappointed. My only gripe is that it kinda takes foreve...
This is a great app where you can win money by picking boxes and the best part is that it requires no sports knowledge. You can win boxes or coins or even money! It’s very exciting when you’re opening boxes...
Wow, what a cool idea for a game. I always remember playing boxiz as a kid watching the super bowl, and now it’s a game. Very easy to understand and to climb up the rankings. I’ll see you guys out there
I came about boxiz by accident and I’m glad I did. It pits excitement in games, some I would not be interested in otherwise, and with very little effort earn a little pocket money almost daily. Awesome app...
Super easy and takes no skill at all! Just pick random boxes and share with friends! Fun and easy! Have been sharing with all my friends! My username is SMARTY! Hope to see you in there!
This site is totally different from all other DFS sites. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s not difficult to win money. Customer service is great also. You should definitely check it out right away!!!
I absolutely love Boxiz!! I love that it’s based around the popular bar game football squares, I always loved them when I worked as a bartender, but Boxiz takes this concept to a whole new level with multi...
wild banker
Super easy to use and plenty of action. Something haven’t seen before. Pretty cool
I truly love this app! Very genuine company with great communication and customer service. It’s almost like dealing with a huge family of sports fan waiting on your winning moment ❤️
Girls can play this too! My boyfriend got me hooked on this new app. Gets me into the fame while we watch together. Super easy to use and the graphics are cool. Telling all my friends!
Fun way to box. Super easy to use and makes everyday sports more exciting to watch.
I’m really excited to see what this app/game has to offer. It’s a new concept which is great in an almost over saturated playing field. No glitches yet, which is awesome for a new app. Keep it up!
Virginia BC
We finally have boxes for other sports. So fun.
I love this app, it’s so much fun to play and pick boxes
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Some of the great collections for you to discover, collect and win on Boxiz are, Dronies, Danger Valley Ducks, Space Runners, and so much more coming soon. If you're interested in having your collection featured, get started below.
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